Delron utilizes the latest technology to provide our customers with quality die casting and machining services, in short and long production runs. We have expertise in working with various materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy,zinc alloy , copper, etc.

Delron also offers a variety of special processes. These processes include heat treatment,chrome plating, powder coating, vibratory finishing, vapor honing, passivation, assembly, special packaging, light assembly, and chemical cleaning. Technical assistance and consultation services are also available to serve customer's needs for prototyping and design optimization. At prototyping stage, our technical experts will work together with customer to optimize processes and material from both perspectives of cost and quality so as to prevent quality excess or shortage. Then from product design to feasible material and technology, custom packaging or shipping, each process will be well tailored to customer’s specifications and schedules.

Multiple Manufacturing Capabilities

· Die casting
· High-accuracy CNC Machining
· Turning
· Milling
· Grinding
· Honing
· Passivation
· Annealing/Heat Treating
· Etching/Passivation
· Chemical Cleaning
· Ultra-sonic Cleaning
· Plating
· Powder coating